We all know we shouldn’t drive after drinking but sometimes we make poor choices and go against our better judgement. When we drink and drive, even if it is just one drink, we put ourselves at risk. A DUI/OVI charge can happen to anyone at anytime, and if you do not have the right legal representation helping you through it, the charge can take quite a toll on your financial security and your general well being.

Anyone can make a mistake, but you don’t want that mistake to affect you and your family for a lifetime. Our goal is to protect you from the consequences of a OVI/DUI conviction. Each case is unique, the facts and circumstances of your arrest will determine your charges and potential consequences. For example, courts may consider factors such as:

  • Whether a crash or injury occurred 
  • Your blood alcohol content (BAC)
  • Your criminal history

No matter the charges you face, you can expect to be prosecuted aggressively and penalized harshly if convicted. Law enforcement and prosecutors are intent on gaining convictions in OVI/DUI cases. However, a skilled defense attorney can create a customized defense strategy to challenge their claims. To ensure your rights are protected at all points of the criminal process, you need an experienced drunk driving lawyer on your side.